RooiBaard Red Peri Peri Bos Sous 750 R170.00
RooiBaard Braai Spice R80.00

Rooibaard Green Hot Sauce, this sauce will give you more goosies than Joel,s Drop Goal in 95 so best you work the sauce into your Monthly Budget, light those coals, throw your Self a Tripple Riekie Louw met eish, flatten a Chicken cover with some Rooibaard Green Hot Sauce, play your favorite tune and sip on your Riekie Louw. Give it 30 Minutes and Hit that Braai, the taste is outrageous! this sauce will change the way you look at Food forever After. Goes well with all Red & White Meats and a Boerie Roll cant do without it. Yes this is the Legendary 750 no need to a second bottle just yet.

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